Dr. Helen Milojevich

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Helen Milojevich graduated from the University of California, Davis with a BS in Human Development and from the University of California, Irvine with her PhD in Psychology and Social Behavior. Dr. Milojevich’s program of research is focused on understanding factors related to risk and resiliency in the face of early exposure to adversity and challenges, particularly the roles of parents and the family environment more broadly. Specifically Dr. Milojevich’s work seeks to understand how emotional competence and cognition develop from early childhood through adolescence in high-risk populations (e.g., maltreated children and children with developmental delays). Using a multi-method and multi-informant approach, Helen seeks to address such questions as: when and how do maltreated youth differ from non-maltreated youth in their emotional competence? How do maltreating parents socialize emotional (in)competence in their children over time? To what extent do children with Down syndrome differ from typically developing children in their ability to retain and generalize information over the long-term? What interventions can be implemented at home, school, and in treatment programs to facilitate the healthy development of high-risk children?