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Interested in joining the CIRCLE Lab? 

Undergraduate Students

We are now accepting applications for undergraduate research assistants to begin in Fall 2023. The application is now live and can be found here. The application will close on **Thursday, September 7th at 5 PM EST.  [NOTE: The application deadline has been extended to Thursday, September 14th at 5 PM EST]. We will be in contact with you once the applications have been reviewed.

Graduate Applicants

We will not be recruiting a graduate student for Fall 2024.

Important Notice Regarding Graduate Student Acceptance Inquiries: We kindly request that you refrain from sending emails to Dr. Sheridan regarding the acceptance of graduate students. To ensure fairness and uphold our commitment to equitable practices, Dr. Sheridan has chosen not to respond to such emails. We recognize that individuals well-versed in academia are likely to consider emailing professors as an advantage in the selection process whereas folks with less experience might not even consider doing this. The CIRCLE Lab has established a specific protocol designed to guarantee that every application material is reviewed by Dr. Sheridan once it has been formally submitted.

Job Openings

Applications for post-bacc RA positions are now closed.

Interested in participating in our studies? 

Research Participant Registry

If you are interested in signing up to be contacted for participation in studies in the department of Psychology and Neuroscience, you can become part of our Research Participant Registry. The registry is a database that families and adults who are interested in research can sign up to hear about participation opportunities within the Psychology and Neuroscience department at UNC. Click the links below to sign up! Feel free to email with any questions. 

Register your child/children for opportunities by clicking here

Register for Adult opportunities by clicking here

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