Graduate Application Review Process


Please see the information below regarding our graduate application review process.

Important Notice Regarding Graduate Student Acceptance Inquiries: We kindly request that you refrain from sending emails to Dr. Sheridan regarding the acceptance of graduate students. To ensure fairness and uphold our commitment to equitable practices, Dr. Sheridan has chosen not to respond to such emails. We recognize that individuals well-versed in academia are likely to consider emailing professors as an advantage in the selection process whereas folks with less experience might not even consider doing this. The CIRCLE Lab has established a specific protocol designed to guarantee that every application material is reviewed by Dr. Sheridan once it has been formally submitted.

The CIRCLE Lab is dedicated to building and fostering a diverse and inclusive community of scholars. It is important to us that the current core lab members’ input are reflected in the application review process. Consequently, we would like the CIRCLE Lab Core Committee, which consists of our core lab members: PIs, Post-docs, Graduate students and Post-bacc Research Staff, to review the application materials in order to encourage a holistic approach in making application review decisions.

*If you feel comfortable with the CIRCLE Lab Core Committee reviewing your application materials, please include an explicit statement at the beginning of your personal statement that says “I would like the CIRCLE Lab Core Committee to review my application materials”.

Before you apply, please make sure to read our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Statement. We strongly encourage applications from candidates at the undergraduate, post-bacc and graduate level who are committed to contributing to our lab goal in addition to applicants from historically under-represented groups.

To learn more about our ongoing studies, please visit our Studies page.