Resources for Undergraduate Research Assistants

We’re so glad that you’re here! We have tons of undergraduate research assistants working in the lab and we are almost always growing our team. Here is some advice about how to get involved and insight into undergraduate work in our lab.

There are a number of ways to get involved in our lab!


  1. You can volunteer! This is a great way to see if research is for you and if you like our lab environment. The commitment is minimal, we just need 5-10 hours a week for a semester. We usually interview once or twice a semester, and we will reach out to you if you have been selected for an interview!
*We are no longer accepting applications for volunteer undergraduate research assistant positions for Spring 2021 semester!  Application deadline was January 10, 2021. We anticipate recruiting more undergraduate research assistants in Summer/Fall 2021. If you would like to be contacted when the application re-opens, please email with your name, email, school year and major.


  1. You can do a PSYC 395! This is a great way to get a more in-depth experience in the lab. To do a PSYC 395, you need to have already taken PSYC 101 or NSCI 175 and two additional PSYC or NSCI courses (one of them has to be at 200-level or above). For more information on eligibility for PSYC 395, please visit department website here.
    • PSYC 395 students in the lab must be available to attend lab meetings. Our lab meeting time typically takes place on Fridays from 9:30am-11:00am. During lab meetings, you will interact with Dr. Sheridan, who leads lab meeting, in addition to all CIRCLE lab members.
    • PSYC 395 students must have a post-doc or graduate student mentor. The students will work directly with this person on their projects and will meet with them weekly in the context of that work.
      • If you have already been in the lab, you can talk directly with a post doc or graduate student about being your PSYC 395 mentor.
      • If you are not in the lab, you should email the lab at and identify a post-doc or graduate student you think you’d like to work with.
    • The PSYC 395 syllabus for our lab can be downloaded here.
    • Spots are limited to five per semester. It is easiest to do a PSYC 395 if you have already volunteered in the lab for a semester.
*All PSYC 395 positions for Spring 2021 have been filled.


  1. You can do work study! Every year, we have some work-study positions you can apply for. As they become available, you will be able to find our job advertisement in the JobX system.
    • Spots are limited. It is easiest to do work-study if you have already volunteered in the lab for a semester.
*We anticipate having a couple of work-study positions available in Summer 2021. Please check this page again in summer for updates.


Undergraduate research assistants in our lab have various growing opportunities they can engage in!


In addition to learning more about adversity exposure in childhood and brain development, common tasks in our lab include contributing to participant recruitment and communications, assisting with participant visits, completing data entry and data management, quality-checking brain images, preparing study materials, conducting literature reviews and more.

In addition to lab meetings, we also have weekly undergraduate meetings!


This meeting is solely for undergraduate research assistants, led by post-bacc research staff, to better support their professional development as well as to provide a space for them to connect with fellow research assistants and post-bacc research staff. Because we tailor programming for these weekly undergraduate meetings to undergraduates’ needs and wants that they have expressed, all undergraduate research assistants in our lab are highly encouraged to attend them regularly and maximize this support resource.

Are you Graduating soon and looking for post-bacc research positions to advance your research skills?


A compiled list of post-bacc job boards can be downloaded here.